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Searching for Pregnancy Counselors Near Fairview?

In the midst of an unintended, supported, or crisis pregnancy, decision-making can be difficult because of the options before you and the wide range of emotions that can be experienced. You may be struggling to determine what the best next steps are. Perhaps you’ve come here from a web search and are trying to navigate the massive amount of information online – you’re not sure whether or not it’s true or being written by someone who even cares about what happens to you.

The best way to make a decision that you can be confident about both now and moving forward is by talking to a real person near Fairview who will help you gain perspective, free of judgement. That’s what the pregnancy counselors at PRC are here for.

We have a fantastic team of trained peer-to-peer pregnancy counselors ready to listen and advocate for you. We strive to provide a safe, confidential, judgment-free environment close to you where you can find support and clarity about how to move forward. Get in touch with the team at a center near Fairview to get started.

Peer-to-Peer Pregnancy Counselors Come Alongside You

When you’re in a hard spot, how helpful would it be to have a compassionate person who may have been in a similar place as you to come alongside and give you perspective and insight? That’s exactly what our pregnancy counselors are here to provide.

Beyond a listening ear, our peer-to-peer counselors will help you get connected to the information and resources you need as you move forward. This includes ultrasounds, clothing, classes, community resources, and other support to help get you the what you need to move forward with confidence.

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Pregnancy Tests

We provide free urine-based pregnancy testing.

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We believe that no one organization can provide everything that is needed to support unplanned pregnancy, which is why, when appropriate, we connect our clients to many local agencies that provide everything from schooling to medical services, housing, drug and alcohol treatment, clothing, and more. These agencies have a proven track-record and can help you get the resources you need in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy.

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Free ultrasounds are one of the key services that we provide at PRC, providing mothers a chance to see their developing baby and giving our trained nurses and affiliated doctors the chance to estimate the due date.

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STI Tests

If you are experiencing symptoms or have any reason to suspect that you may be infected with an STI, our SE Portland Center as well as our Beaverton Center are equipped to provide you with the lab-grade testing you need to diagnose chlamydia and gonorrhea infections. At this time, we are also able to treat chlamydia infections..

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Questions We Often Receive as Pregnancy Counselors

If your question isn’t on the list below or if you would like to talk with one of our peer-to-peer pregnancy counselors to learn more, give us a call at one of our PRC centers near Fairview, Oregon.

Are your pregnancy counselors either therapists or psychologists?

Our pregnancy counselors are trained peer-to-peer counselors who are not licensed therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. We help by coming alongside and offering the benefits of wisdom and insight gained through experience and training. We can also connect you with one of our trusted partners would be a good resource for you in your unique situation, if it seems like taking that route would be helpful.

Can pregnancy bring on mental illness?

Mental illness is a serious concern for pregnant women. If you previously had or are currently being treated for a serious mental illness, the physical and emotional stress along with a change in your ability to take medication, are all situations that need to be addressed by appropriate mental health professionals – which we are happy to connect you with if that is an issue.

Research shows that 7-20% of women experience increased anxiety and depression during the antenatal or prenatal period. While giving birth to a new life is something which is joyful and full of blessing, it’s perfectly normal to experience extreme doubts and uncertainty. Hormones may make it more difficult than it would be otherwise to cope with these feelings. We are here to help make sense of what you’re going through. Regardless of how you’re doing mentally, we encourage you to contact one of our centers.

What is preconception counseling?

Preconception counseling is a meeting women who are intending to get pregnant should schedule with their healthcare provider approximately three months prior to beginning to attempt to conceive. At this appointment, risks and potential complications for the mother and child are run through based on the medical history and condition of the mother and father. This is not something we provide at PRC, as many of our clients did not plan their pregnancy. But in the case of having a child, failing to prepare is not preparing to fail. You have months to make key decisions and get things in order to help ensure your baby will come into the world under good circumstances.

Meeting with a prenatal genetic counselor may be a supplement to preconception counseling, or it may be of primary importance. Genetic counseling is designed to help parents determine and understand the possibility of genetic disorders being passed on to their children. Again, this is not something we do at PRC, but if your baby is found to have a genetic disorder, we can provide different ways for you to get the support you will need.

How do you counsel a pregnant teenager?

Each of our counseling relationships (and meetings) is defined by the needs of the person coming to see us. This does not change whether we are supporting a teenager or someone in their late 30s. Women of all ages need a support network to help ensure a successful pregnancy, and we will do everything we can to ensure as much support as possible is in place for each woman who comes into our centers.

Do you pressure people away from choosing abortion?

It would be inconsistent with our core beliefs about unborn children, not to mention the scientific and experiential reasons, to recommend or assist women in seeking an abortion – particularly when there are other, better options out there. However, we make the commitment to never pressure or harass women to believe what we do. We simply provide all the information we can, and go from there. Women who are inclined toward abortion or who have had an abortion before, are encouraged to come into one of our centers to hear a different perspective than they might not get anywhere else. Abortion is a decision that will last for the rest of your life. It’s important to get all the perspective you can – we make the commitment not to judge. Our pregnancy counselors are here to provide just that. Get in touch with us today.

What is the goal of your pregnancy counseling?

The goal of peer-to-peer pregnancy counseling at PRC is to

  • Listen with an empathetic ear – many of our counselors have been where you are
  • Inform women about their choices
  • Support women as far as we are able
  • Connect women and their families to specialized resources in the community

What should I do if I get pregnant and don’t want the baby?

That’s exactly the kind of question that our pregnancy counselors are here to help you navigate. We know that it is more comfortable seeking answers anonymously behind the screen, but making a decision about this is a matter of the utmost importance that shouldn’t be made based off of internet searches. Our commitment is to make our conversation with you as comfortable and helpful as possible, judgment-free. Contact one of our centers today to take the first step.

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