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Do you do same day ultrasounds?

An ultrasound is a medical procedure, and in order to perform it, we need to confirm a pregnancy in-center. As with any medical procedure, there are eligibility criteria that have to be met, and those are discussed in our centers. We are not able to schedule an ultrasound appointment before eligibility has been determined. Sometimes that is the same day, but we cannot guarantee it.

How accurate is the pregnancy test?

Our tests are laboratory rated and 99% accurate.  Urine-based pregnancy tests detect the hCG hormone in a pregnant woman’s system.  Since the production of hCG can vary greatly from woman to woman, sometimes as much as 20 fold, time periods when a “positive” test occurs can also vary.  Our pregnancy tests can often detect some women’s hCG level as early as 7 days after conception (21-24 days after the first day of your last period), although some women’s hCG level is not detectable until at least one week after a missed period.

Is a blood test more accurate?

A urine-based pregnancy test detects hCG hormone, whereas a blood test measures the hCG level.  So yes, a blood test is more accurate.  PRC only provides urine pregnancy tests; your physician or clinic can perform a blood test, to diagnose your pregnancy.

Can I have a retest if my test is negative and my period still doesn't start?

Yes, you may be scheduled for another test. The hCG hormone concentration doubles approximately every 2.2 days during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Should I see a doctor if I have a second negative test and have not started my period?

If you have any medical concerns, you should see your health care provider for assessment. If you need resources for health care, PRC can provide you with referrals.

Do you provide contraceptives?

We believe your doctor is best positioned to talk with you about contraceptive needs. We do not provide contraceptives or contraceptive services.

Do you refer for abortions?

No, we do not provide or refer for abortion services.

How much do your services cost?

All our services are provide at no cost to our clients.

How are you funded?

We are 100% funded by the generous support of individuals and organizations and receive no state or federal funding.

Are you faith-based?

Yes, we are a Christian Non-Profit and our work is in accord with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What are your privacy practices?

We are HIPAA compliant. A full description of our privacy practices can be found here.