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Parenting Resources

Becoming a parent? We can help.

PRC Provides New Parent Resources for Women

In the face of an unplanned pregnancy, many people decide to parent their child after they are born. But even in the best of circumstances, parenting can be overwhelming. We are here to provide as much as we can in the way of new parent resources and support so that you can feel more confident as a parent.

We provide maternity clothes, layettes for newborns, parenting classes for mothers and fathers, referrals to other local agencies and support organizations, and a listening ear. Pregnancy Resource Centers are here to support you as you make decisions in the midst of pregnancy, as well as after you have given birth and are entering into your new life as a parent. We are happy to provide new parent resources as well as help for parents who already have children.

If you are considering parenting as an option, please call or come in to talk with our trained staff to get one-on-one help and access to resources. Parenting is never easy, but it is always a blessing. We can help make it less overwhelming.

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On This Page

  • Why parenting is a viable option
  • Available help for new and expecting parents
  • Frequently asked questions about parenting

Why Parenting is a Viable Option for an Unplanned Pregnancy

Many parents – particularly young or at-risk parents – feel as though the occasion is more overwhelming than anything else. The question of what to do and the seeming impossibility of being able to raise a child in your situation, often leads mothers (and fathers) toward abortion as a solution. By far, the principal reasons cited for abortion are financial, timing, and relationship-focused.

Some will imply that if you have a baby when you’re not ready, you’ll be stuck forever. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The better your support network of family, friends, and financial resources, the better chances you have of being able to make a great life for you and your baby in the future.

Parenting is a viable option because resources are available to help you support your child financially, emotionally, and spiritually. If you are considering parenting and need help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

PRC provides new parent resources

Help for Expecting Parents

As we develop a relationship with new and expecting parents, we are better able to help you advocate for yourself and your growing family with the resources you need. These often include


  • Car seats
  • Baby clothes and furniture items
  • Maternity clothes
  • Parenting classes
  • Community resources for a wide range of needs
  • A non-judgmental person to talk to


We are happy to provide women and families with these resources because we believe that parenting is a wonderful blessing and a choice you will never look back on with regret.

To start getting connected to new parent resources near you, get in touch with us today.

PRC provides new parent resources

Frequently Asked Questions About New Parent Resources

If your question isn’t on the list below or if you would like to talk with one of our staff to learn more about the parenting resources PRC can offer, give us a call at one of our centers today.

What do you give a new mom?

This is often the sort of question that people will ask when going to a baby shower. While we do love to get to the point of being able to be involved in the life of a client to assist in putting on a baby shower for expecting mothers (and such parties can be very helpful for mom and baby), the majority of our support comes outside the venue of a party.

The help we arrange for new parents is different for the specific situation of the individual mother. Here are some of the things we more commonly do:

  • Encouragement for moms who are struggling with how to tell their families of their pregnancy
  • Recommend and help expecting moms sign up for birthing classes
  • Recommend and help expecting parents sign up for parenting classes
  • Connect moms with maternity clothes, baby clothes, and baby furniture
  • Connect parents with mentoring and relational support to help in everything to birth and beyond

What is the hardest part of being a new mom?

Being a new mom isn’t easy – but nothing good is easy. New moms experience a wide range of feelings from joy to depression and everything in between. These feelings can sometimes make your situation seem worse than it would if you were looking in from the outside. Then there’s the instinct to compare yourself with other moms, which can be a huge burden. Perspective is really important when it comes to being a new mom – and that is something we can help you with. Every new mom is going to have a different experience, but you can gain a lot from the experience of someone who’s been there before. That’s what our peer-to-peer pregnancy counseling can provide. Click here to learn more.

What do you say to a struggling expectant mother?

Our goal is encouragement. Being pregnant is often difficult, but there is nothing like it. When you are struggling, we talk to you to learn who you are and try to figure out what’s going on. We listen and   to improve your experience. These days, you have options to ease the physical and emotional burden.

What do you say to a mother who is struggling to decide whether to keep her baby?

Our peer-to-peer pregnancy counselors have the goal of encouraging and educating each woman who comes in to talk with us. We provide judgment-free, compassionate support and accurate information about all your options. You can be assured that we don’t pressure anyone to do anything. Our goal is to help you think through all of your options.